Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference, Dundee

Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference was a celebration of interdisciplinarity and exploration through the medium of print.

The eighth Impact international conference was hosted in Dundee as a central element to the inaugural Print Festival Scotland – an event which aimed to confirm the cultural diversity, historical significance and future potential of print.

Foregrounding the inherent experimental and interdisciplinary nature of print practices, Impact 8 provided a critical and interactive platform for the varied interests that make print such a unique discipline. From its hybrid roots in industry and scholarship, through traditional design applications and fine art practices to its consistent significance within emerging technologies and theoretical debate – print continues to play a crucial role in the exploration of borders and crossings – be they geographical, ideological, cultural, theoretical or practical.

With the theme of ‘exploration’ and the multiple identity of the print, in mind, Impact 8 welcomed people to Dundee to explore the cross-disciplinary nature of print media. Impact 8 built upon the meeting’s reputation as a truly international event whilst reflecting the cultural identity of Scotland and Dundee’s reputation and heritage as the ‘City of Discovery’ – from polar exploration to biomedical research and its traditions of print, printmaking and publishing.